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USFAA Saint Barbara and Molly Pitcher Awards

Instructions for submitting Honorable Order of Saint Barbara, Ancient Order of Saint Barbara, and Artillery Order of Molly Pitcher Awards. 

Please have all of your award information on hand before you begin. You will need the following:

  1. Presentation date, unit, chapter, and approval authority signature block information. 

  2. Address, phone, and email of the person responsible for the awards. This will be the address we will use for shipping. If your unit has issues with receiving fed-ex shipments in a timely manner, you may use a trusted home address. 

  3. List of awardee's full names plus their individual emails. If you are nominating Molly Pitcher Awards, you should have the spouse's full name to check for membership.

  4. Payment information.

Start by clicking on the grey Manage Collaborators button. Add any person's email who should also receive updates about your awards packet. 

Fill in the fields on your first nomination. Use the lookup field to search the membership database. If the nominee is a current member their name will appear below the field. Click the add link for the fields to auto-fill. If the nominee is not a member, continue to fill in their information. There will be an email auto-generated after the application is submitted with lists confirming members and non-members. When the first nomination is complete click the add to cart button at the bottom of the screen. 

If more than one nominee needs to be submitted click the copy nomination link in the cart. This will auto-fill all of the event information so that only the nominee name needs to be changed. 

If a Molly Pitcher award nominee is being submitted, please use the spouse name to search membership click the add link, then change the name of the nominee. This will confirm their membership in our system. 

Submissions may be edited or added to until payment is finalized by logging back into the system and clicking on my applications. 

When all nominees have been added to the cart, click the submit button to be directed to the payment page. Nominations may be paid by debit, credit card, or check. If paying by unit check follow the instructions, fill in the required fields, and submit your payment. 

If you have questions please call 580-355-4677 or email awards@fieldartillery.org.